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In a bid to achieve success in whatever endeavors, mapping down your aims is quite necessary. Lots of people have derailed from the path of achieving their goals solely because they failed to write down their goals.

Also, when it comes to those writing down their goals, most have failed to achieve success because they have chosen to use “extreme words” in the expression of their goals. What do I mean by “extreme words”?  Writing down goals needs to be short, clear and straight to the point. Take for instance if someone asks you for a guide towards a destination, do you start by using both necessary and unnecessary words in directing him/her? In case where you use both he will simply sift the words and take those that will help him reach his desired destination.

You may be wondering if what you really want, the steps towards achieving your big goal and the time frame to achieve it can be written in 140 or less characters. The truth is that it is very possible. Many of the successful people today achieved their goals through this way. They were able to write down their goals in a shorter form.

To Help Intensify Your Focus

Writing down your dreams in 140 characters or less would help intensify your focus. This is synonymous to studying in a noisy environment. The truth is you will end up learning few things or nothing. Laying down your ambitions in a more than 140 characters would create a room for irrelevant words and this is synonymous to the noise analogy above. Your goals when they are in a shorter form would eradicate the noise in the background and enhance your concentration and focus towards achieving your aim. It allows you take the needed actions towards making your dream(s) a reality.

To Note Things That Matter

When writing down your goal in life, you have to think about those things that you actually want. What are those things that really matter most to you in life? Your goals should be inextricably tied to your hopes and ambitions. Anything thing outside of this is considered frivolity. These frivolities will only serve as a detour towards achieving your laid down goals and may eventually put out completely the burning desire of achieving these goals. One of the reasons why people don’t reach their goals is because they don’t define it concisely. The main points are shrouded by the irrelevant characters in the written goals.

Have More Control of Your Future

By abiding by the 140 rule, you tend to have more control of your future. Without your goals written specifically, you will drift aimlessly. You don’t have an idea of where you are going. You will just blend and move with the flow. By writing down your goals shorter, you will be able to prioritize your energy and resources towards making your dream a reality.

Mostly, people fail to actualize their goal because of lack of clarity. Writing down your goals succinctly will avail you the privilege to discern the sole reason why you have chosen to set out on achieving them.

In summary goals written in short form is SMART which translates to specific, measurable, action, rewarding and trackable. You can easily track your daily steps in a journal using the 140 rule to list 1 task to do the following day. This also allows you to track and evaluate the success of each of the tasks.

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