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Everybody has a dream. Some are big, some are average and some are below average. Irrespective of whatever your aim is, it is good to dream big. Just know that there is no limit to achieving any goal in life. Do you intend opening s shop? Do you want to aim for the sky? You are free to dream for any of these and realize them as well.

There are lots of people that balk at the thought of dreaming big mainly because it is scary. Aiming for the bigger things in life typically should be scary and at the same time exciting. This is one of the reasons why successful people dream high. Successful people have this unusual urge to win their fears. They live every day to break and widen their boundary. They believe that fear should be overcome not submitted to. This frame of thinking is what inspires and pushes them into coming up with big goals.

When dreaming big, it doesn’t have to lack the features of a goal. A goal should be S.M.A.R.T.  A goal in clearer terms should be specific. Using the 140 rule, you should be able to make your goals simple and clearer. This would help you achieve them quicker than envisaged. A goal should be measurable; it should have criteria set up to help you determine the progress of your goals. It should be attainable; irrespective of how huge it is, it should be realizable. It should be reliable and timely.

There are many gains attached with dreaming huge. Take for instance that you are a politician, it is expected that you should aim for the highest political office which is the office of the president. Possibilities tilt to either winning or losing. Whichever way, you will be holding on to something. How is it possible that you are going to gain anything tangible after you have lost? The experience that you have amassed during the run-up to the polls can serve you a great deal in other endeavors in life. You may even secure an office below that of the president in the process.

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