An inspiration to get someone do something start with words. Many dreams have been realized and unrealized using words. There are certain words that are logically and reasonably empowering. Also, there are those that are disempowering. Words in every sense of it can change lives. Mountains can be moved using words. Spirits can be built, emboldened or dampened using words. Words can be used to achieve all of these and more because of its ability to unlock our emotions overtaking our sense to propel us into taking certain actions.

Are you a leader and you want to empower using words? In this article, we are going to look at the words to avoid using to communicate our objectives and realize our goals. Here are the three categories of words that you should avoid using in order to create a connection to your goals with the values of your audience.

The first set of disempowering words to avoid at all cost is the assumption words. Humans are inherently wired to assume things. We hate to be clueless and as such, we tend to assume things that may not appear the way they are in order to have an information about a situation. The disadvantage of this especially when having a conversation with people is that it hinders you from seeing the real side of the other person.

People are not always what you assume. It's not every mean looking person that is a sadist or depressed. It's not every goal-oriented looking person that is a Buddhist. You may assume broadly but you have to be extremely careful when you are pitching an idea to a set of people. The reason being that you may be selling an idea or a product to a wrong set of audience.

Avoid the 'I can't do it' words just as you would avoid a plague. This category of words has a way of limiting our potentials. When we are confronted with challenges the mind is naturally quick to conclude that it lacks the capability to overcome the situation. When faced with a challenge, do not take the usual route of doubting if you can overcome it. Rather come up with strategies such as how to and the necessary steps to take in order to achieve a goal.

The next and last words category to avoid using is the victim words. Sometimes because of past awful experiences, we tend not to attempt on realizing certain goals. Imagine telling someone recovering from a negative experience that they will never be able to achieve a task, how do you think that person is going to feel? Less enthused, discouraged and most especially disempowered. You are wrong to think that you will never be able to achieve a goal because of your past negative experience. No one achieves a goal while looking on to the past.It is only going to retard your progress.

Do not use the guilt words. Avoid that person that will always try to make you feel guilty for having a different perspective. Guilt words are toxic and retrogressive. Avoid using words that will make people feel guilty for trying to grow. Each time you are using accusatory words to make others feel guilty of your setbacks, the more you are making them run on empty. We are all humans and learn from mistakes. Learn not to pass the buck on others. Rather when there seems to be a setback, see it as a collective mistake rather than heap the blame on one shoulder.

There you have it! Most often than not, the words that we use can be used to achieve great goals. With these tips above you can realize your biggest, brightest goals.

by Douglas Hamandishe

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