Being empowered without any motivation lacks any meaning. In order to achieve an objective people have to be inspired and this can be done using words. To empower people means getting them to buy your idea and to motivate them using words to make them get up and do something.

In this article, we are going to take up on the power contained in words and how to avoid the use of certain words to empower you and others. Let us look at certain words you can use to motivate and empower people.

You are Making a Difference

Use words that allow people in your organization realize that they are making a tremendous impact to spur the growth of your business. Phrases such as ' you are making a difference’ can be used every now and then to let people know they their efforts are appreciated and highly valued. People are likelier to go an extra mile to put in more effort to achieve a goal if they know that their previous and subsequent efforts will be greatly cherished.

You Can Do It

This phrase packs a huge power to motivate and get people to do something. Imagine using these words on someone that is learning how to play the piano, a kid learning how to ride a bicycle. The effects are truly tremendous. This phrase comes in three parts such as you can do it, you have what it takes and nothing is impossible for you. When you are facing a challenge, you can recite this phrase within you and you will be surprised with how you will overcome the hurdle.

I Need You

‘I need you around here so that this organization can be successful’ is one of those sentences you can use to sway people into taking necessary actions. In a team where there is an absence of the need of each of the members, there will be lack of enthusiasm to reach a target. People's urge to be part of a team wanes over time when they get the idea that their opinion or ideas are not needed. Always get people to know how much you need and will value their assistance.

I Am Proud Of You

Pride is essential to keep the fire burning and realize more goals. If you want to empower people to achieve more difficult tasks in life you have to let them have a sense of pride in what they have achieved. When people realize even if it is the smallest of goals tell them how proud you are. This spurs and eggs them on to grasp and embrace tougher goals

Thanking Words

By showing gratitude to those that helped you in one way or the other, they are three times likelier to develop a healthy relationship with you. In order to show a 'thank you' that will elicit effective results, it has to possess five traits including;


You have got to show gratitude at the moment for things done for you. You do not have to reserve the 'thank you' until weeks, months or years later.

Attributes: Compliment the attributes of the person you are showing gratitude to. Compliment on what they pass through to and how they are getting the work done and this will encourage and motivate them to do more.

Intent: Recognize the intent of the person you are showing gratitude to. Take for example, from the way you presented your idea I can easily tell you want the growth of this organization and thank you very much.

Cost: People dedicate a lot of their time and resources to realize a goal. Ensure that you recognize the cost they had to put up with to make a goal work.

Benefits:Thank them for helping you achieve a certain benefit. For example, you can thank team members for helping you generate more revenue courtesy of their ideas and efforts. You do not just say thank you. It has to be specific and aligned with a reason.

Words are fascinating tools that can be used effectively to empower people. These tips discussed above can enable you to inspire and motivate an audience to take a certain desired action.

By Douglas Hamandishe

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